Dress is an extension of one's personality.

The longevity and success of Mr Blue results from the attention given to our customers and the fact that we believe that dressing goes far beyond clothes. Dressing is an extension of one's personality.

We accompany the classic and contemporary man in his trajectory of conquests and we want to continue working to make fashion not an accessory, but a fundamental element for the well-being and happiness of our customers.

Our stores

Mr Blue is present in Portugal and Spain and Mozambique with more than 35 stores in major shopping centres and tourist spots.

The atmosphere of our stores is comfortable and welcoming for the customer to discover and experience our pieces and the universe of the brand, bringing a masculine, elegant and contemporary environment.

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On the path of goodness

We are part of a fashion ecosystem that pulsates for transformations in the relationship between people and the environment.

Fashion is movement, it is affection. It's an opportunity to experiment while thinking about tomorrow.

Today, our greatest commitment is to collaborate for a more ethical and conscious fashion, thus reducing the impacts on the environment and within society.

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